esmaspäev, 8. august 2011

Mõnusates sügisvärvides kampsun. Pehme ja soe :).

Kampsun, mille kudumist sai alustatud kaelusest ja lõpetatud aluservas. 
Pakkus parajalt põnevat peamurdmist :)

 Materjal Katia Azteca. Vardad 4,5 ja 5,5.
Disain Verena Knitting

2 kommentaari:

Hana ütles ...

Wow, this is beautiful! Can you, please, tell me which colour (number) of Katia Azteca this is and how much you used? Best wishes, Hana

Karin ütles ...

Thank you, Hana.

I´m sorry, but I can´t remember how much yarn I used :S. And I haven´t fixed coour number fot myself. But on this page is vest in very similar colours

and colour number is there 7821 (little picture is just for example and doesn´t show real colour. I hope it helps you a little...